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Massart Chiropractic Reviews


My experience at Dr. Massart’s Clinic was amazing. They provided thorough explanations of why they adjust your body the way they do and why. They also explain that your body may become sore before it gets better. Mine did; however, it is getting better.

~ Laura R.

Highly Recommend

Dr. Massart took her time explaining everything. She has helped with my back, neck and headache’s. The staff was very friendly and I would highly recommend Massart Chiropractic to everyone. I will be sending my daughter there as well to have her spine looked at!

~ Quinn J.


You guys are amazing! We are so excited to be going to your office for the care of our entire family and we are looking forward to being with you all for a long time.

~ Kathryn S.

Awesome Doctors

Awesome doctors and staff, great personalities and they take the time to make sure every visit is just as good if not better than the last. Keep it up!

~ Lauren S.

Felt Right At Home

From the fist time I met the staff, very courteous and helpful. All were friendly and made me feel right at home, making my first experience a good one and it also gave me hope to fix my back issues! Awesome!

~ Ted B.

Very attractive practice….interior, beautiful design and colors, plus nice setup. Glad to finally get started there. Great staff.

~ Barbara W.

Great Job!

Helping to relieve my pain I was having for over 2 months and they helped the first week I was seen. Great job!

~ Kathy W.


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